My Absolutely nothing Pony Equestria Women: Electronic Show (year 2)

From the My personal Nothing Horse: Equestria People Holiday Unique comical, Sundown Shimmer screens a flexible and you may compassionate front when she forgives the fresh new Crusaders having shaping the lady since rumormonger “Anon-a-Miss”.

During the Sundown Shimmer’s Time and energy to Shine, Sundown screens a significant quantity of cleverness, becoming in advance of this lady loved ones and you can classmates in school and you may smart sufficient to establish some computer software. The woman affinity to possess science and you can research is together with observed in The latest Research off Secret, in which she shows you she favors a hand-into method to discovering wonders more “understanding ancient guides”.

Which have invested lifetime on individual community and you can just after the girl reformation, Sundown has expanded keen on they, having pulled numerous person activities, like to relax and play video games and you may publish in social media, and you can speaing frankly about it “the girl globe”. She even offers adult used to their human anatomy, to the stage of experiencing in order to lso are-adapt to this lady horse function and when she goes back in order to Equestria.

For the Good Vibes, Sundown performs at a beneficial sushi restaurant from the Canterlot Shopping mall

At Slide Official, when Twilight is known as little princess and you can considering the crown, Sunset possess Snips and you may Snails kidnap Increase and you can threatens so you’re able to ruin the fresh new webpage to help you Equestria unless of course Twilight gets the girl the fresh new crown. Twilight won’t supply the crown up, proclaiming that this lady becoming stuck throughout the peoples globe would be value closing Sundown. While the Twilight’s family unit members commend her bravery and give up, Sunset snaps and you can symptoms the lady. Even after Twilight and her friends’ work, Sundown work obtaining the newest top and you may leaves they towards, and you can a dark miracle aura transforms this lady with the a devil. Along with her newfound energies, Sunset turns Snips and you can Snails into the similar-searching minions and you may brainwashes the other people during the school. She shows that she never ever meant to ruin the latest site and you can intentions to inhabit and manage Equestria along with her army of teens.

Whenever peoples Twilight’s product starts collecting wonders from the chief letters and you may she launches they under pressure out-of Dominating Snap, she gets weighed down and corrupted by fuel. Sundown spends the machine to help you use the latest miracle away from relationship of the lady friends to end Twilight’s rampage. In the end, Sunset understands that she is completely with the capacity of fixing her own trouble and that she ourteennetwork are unable to constantly trust others so you can exercise on her.

From inside the Unbelievable Goes wrong, Sundown remembers this lady very awkward moment regarding munch toward an extract if you’re trying alert Rarity on a bit of lettuce trapped in her own pearly whites. Rainbow Dashboard gives the girl a separate collection of boots once this lady sandal band holidays, and you may she later now offers particular dinner in order to a lonely Thumb Sentry. She along with seems for the a photo for the Enraged Twience as well as on posters toward Adventurous Manage movie throughout the Canterlot Flick Bar.

Particularly Twilight Glow, Sunset Shimmer try an awesome prodigy. not, unlike Twilight, she actually is a little boastful and you can condescending into anyone else, even with Celestia’s courses on humility. Celestia shows Sundown the latest Crystal Echo; inside, Sundown observes by herself as a powerful Alicorn-individual that could signal Equestria. Sunset temporarily sees something else entirely in the reflect, but Celestia guides their of it in advance of she becomes too curious. From inside the months one realize, the new mirror is perhaps all Sundown can consider, and you may Celestia repeatedly informs the woman that she will learn about the latest reflect or other instructions “when [she’s] ready”.

Hasbro Rainbow Rocks dysfunction

By the third motion picture, while Sunset enjoys was able to totally incorporate herself toward category or take says regarding exactly what she did in earlier times with good humor, she in addition to slots an anxiety about dropping her school’s newly gained trust, and you can she gets profoundly depressed when she believes she’s help her or him down, even after their assurances. She and gets increasingly agitated and stressed of the the woman cannot recognize how secret performs in the peoples world, temporarily snapping on the girl friends during the some point. Whenever Sci-Twi endangers their household members, Sunset’s rage explodes given that she berates Twilight to possess meddling which have forces she doesn’t discover, bringing her very own frustrations and you can thinking-question on their. Yet not, she immediately regrets this lady harsh conditions and has reached off to Twilight in the friendship by the end of one’s motion picture.