Born in Bremerhaven in 1979, Florian Schirmacher grew up in a house where art and music was integrated into everyday life. He developed his art and music passions by singing in the choir, playing drums in the orchestra and daily piano practice. He developed his music in bands like “Sari”, who had their first release 1996 on 33 Rpm Records, “Eutopia” and “Drum Spirit” until he had his first hit on the scene with the “Elastobabe” Single and “Pony Slay Station” Album on Perlon Records with the Pantytec Project. He founded with Guido Schneider “Glowing Glisses”, which introduced him into the “Poker Flat Scene”. His lyrics were perceived by Mr.Larry Heard, who contributed two remixes. He interrupted his Theology studies in Berlin to explore his musical awareness. Besides his Piano and Vocal studies at Greifswald, he taught Yoga. His belief to share the gift of music, will lead him into several collaborations again. His work for peace can be heard especially in his projects: Glowing Glisses ( mule musiq, Poker Flat), Wareika ( Connaisseur, Eskimo, future Classic, Tartelet. Motivbank) Federleicht (Connaisseur, Night- Drive music,, here today (Buzzin..Fly, Philpot, 33 Rpm records), hatikvah (Morris Audio Citisport, Baalsaal Recordings).

As Singer he contributed:

Plus 1 & Florian Schirmacher “Intimacy” (Koax 03), with Guido “Nora P.” on Cadenza and “Too late to land” on Cocoon Recordings ect. Florian Schirmacher is the founder of the Hamburg-based label “FormResonance”.

After years of musical effusions it was time to swap the jews harp & alphorn againts accordion & barrel organ, to put wood behind the arrow and to simply release the music by ourselves.The whole thing got the name KOAX. The aim of KOAX is not to get bigger through artists but to grow with them and their lightheartedness. Therefore KOAX supports prevailing young, unknown and upcoming artists. Out of this the Motto of KOAX arose: “rate the sound – not the artist”

The five-headed VJ-Team NEONouveaux around Jana and Mela learned their professional skills from Peter Becker and Daniel Botz (highflyer) at the Institute for Art Education in Munich. Both of them are working in various artistic domains. Their roots go back to their apprenticeship in sculpture which influenced their works in painting, in graphics and video art. One the main goals of their work is creating multi-spaces by using various workingprocesses and linking these with each other. By using the technique of rotoscoping their videos gain a special touch: video frames are being manipulated by using for example pens, fluids, fire, foil or thread. With their lively but also reflective and poetical selfshot videosequences the VJ-Team performs at clubs and electronic music-festivals but also goes live on stage with rock and jazz artists.


Their multifaceted picture language and interest in creating innovative imageries can be seen at their live-programm called “Essence – elements of life”.

Musically interested varied, Alex *aka gh:0st* dedicated his free time especially in graphics and multimedia objects, which he self-taught taught. In addition, there were also projects in the field of video and animation or web design. So a multitude of media originated, among other for the techno-camp openair  (from ’99 to ’06) or the LanPartyZwickau (’03 to ’05). From 2006 he intensively with photography and image editing – an important step.


With ‘Flash’, he finally found a special medium – a perfect symbiosis between interactivity and animation. The ‘Bandmachine-Player’ at the top of this site: an idea from Frank Molder and a interesting project for Alex.